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You want to touch and go, here is the solution, low cost, no hassle, just business.

If your business is located outside Karachi and if you are an international business executive or a local entrepreneur looking to take first step expanding in Karachi, we have the right solution for your needs. Our low cost Workstations and Smart Desks allow you to move in and out at your convenience without paying long monthly payments.

We offer customized solution based on hourly to yearly plans – all you have to do is just drop in an email or call us to book your space and we will be waiting for your arrival with all the free services we have to offer.

Smart Desk

Your Benefits

  • Easy terms and conditions
  • Complementary Services
  • Fully Furnished and Ready to work spaces
  • From hourly to yearly plans available
  • Low cost workstations and smart desks
  • Free Hi-Speed Wifi and LAN Internet
  • Access to Direct Lines Available
  • Access to Meeting Rooms
  • Access to Business Lounge


  • Business Lounge
  • Bureau Service

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Print & Copy Center

  • Storage Spaces
  • Free Wifi