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Greetings!! [Your Business Name], how can I help?

Our trained receptionists will handle incoming calls from your customers on your behalf and forward it to you if you are in office or forward it to your home, mobile, or any other location you want through our state of the art call forwarding technology.

We offer private front desk services, which allow your business the freedom to work in countries like Pakistan, where your business footstep only needs your presence. Our qualified receptionists will answer incoming calls from your customers with your business name and manage calls as required by your business.

Private Receptionists

Your Benefits

  • Qualified Receptionists
  • Manage Calls as Required
  • Dedicated Local Numbers & UANs
  • Affordable Call Handling
  • Auto Answering Features
  • Call Forwarding and Conferencing
  • Automated Business Greetings via PABX


  • Business Lounge
  • Print & Copy Center

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Free Wifi

  • Video Conferencing