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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a THBC Executive Office?
Our Executive Offices provides: A fully furnished private office A dedicated receptionist Fully equipped meeting rooms, business lounge and day offices Leading IT and communications technology A magnificent reception with spectacular city views A contemporary kitchen with a fully stocked fridge and coffee machine Business Concierge Sapphire membership is included
Where are your Executive Offices located?
Pakistan: Karachi More coming soon
How can I arrange a tour of your Executive Offices?
Simply book a tour online at www.thbc.pk , call us at 0092 21 3454 4424 or email us at info@treehouse.pk to book a tour.
How many people can a THBC Executive Office accommodate?
It can comfortably accommodate 1 – 5 people in differently configured office space setting.
How long is my Executive Office contract commitment?
The minimum contract term for our Executive Office is 1 month
What is a THBC Virtual Office?
A THBC Virtual Office is everything without a physical office. You can choose to work from home, or from anywhere with a professional team, facilities and the infrastructure of a highly experienced company to support you. A THBC Virtual Office can significantly cut down your overheads including: rent, staff, technology, and utilities. From a range of carefully tailored Virtual Office packages you can choose an individual package for meeting rooms, premium address or all in one deluxe package to suit your needs for your business.
How would a Virtual Office enable me to work from home?
THBC Virtual Offices are designed to significantly cut down your business operating costs. You can work from home, hotel, or from any part of the world.

A Premium Business Address A local business telephone number A dedicated receptionist managing your calls Access to meeting rooms and private offices for as little as 30 minutes day offices Online booking for your convenience.

What are the costs involved in a Virtual Office? Are there any hidden costs?
We don’t believe in keeping hidden costs. Our philosophy is to provide customer with every information before hand to help you make your business decisions.. You have one fixed cost: your monthly Virtual Office membership fee. For additional services, THBC charges by usage. You only pay for what you use, that’s it.
How do I become a Virtual Office member?
To become a Virtual Office member you just need to chose your desired package and fill the online form. Once we receive your credentials we will contact you to finalize the paperwork and you are ready to use it. It literally takes a day if you have all documents ready.

Note: For Pakistani customers it is mandatory to provide NTN certificate copy when obtaining membership.

How long is my Virtual Office contract commitment?
The membership is for 01, 06, 12 months. If you choose a 12 months plan we will waive security deposit for your convenience on 6 months advance rent.
What are the Terms & Conditions for a Virtual Office?
TERMS & CONDITIONS RENT: The rent shall be paid monthly in advance on the first day of each month. In respect of any broken period a pro-rata adjustment shall be made. A setup fee will be applicable to; all new packages, upgrades, downgrades and suspended accounts re-activating, per location.

CREDIT CARD BILLING & SECURITY DEPOSIT: THBC reserves the right to require a security deposit and agrees to notify Member in advance. Should a security deposit be required, refund of security deposit shall be made to the Member 60 days after the termination of the Agreement. The security deposit shall not be deemed as advance payment however THBC is entitled to deduct from the security deposit any monies owed to THBC for services provided. Such deduction shall not be deemed to waive any breach by the Member of this Agreement. If the Member fails to demand the refund of the security deposit within 365 days after the date of termination of this Agreement, the security deposit shall be deemed forfeited to THBC Virtual Office absolutely.

TERMINATION: Contracts are on a month to month basis. One month’s written notification is required by either party to terminate this Membership Agreement. Receipt of termination notification and the termination date will be confirmed in writing by THBC. Only once this confirmation has taken place will outstanding rental be confirmed. Upon receipt of notice to downgrade or terminate the Virtual Office service, an administration/disconnection fee will be applied to the member’s account. THBC reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately in the event that its team members are being harassed by the Member or persons attempting to contact the Member. Should THBC have reason to suspect immoral, unethical, illegal or fraudulent business practice it reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement and all services being provided.

COSTS: The Client will be responsible for THBC reasonable costs in recovering any monies owed under this Service Agreement.

SERVICES: The services provided by THBC may vary at THBC’s absolute discretion during the term of membership and shall be provided during our normal business hours. Services include, but are not limited to telephone call charges, excessive incoming call charges, secretarial services, photocopying and printing, facsimile charges, postage and courier services, sundries including stationery, conference rooms/private offices rental, refreshments, Email and Internet. The Member acknowledges that THBC owns all telephone numbers and I.P addresses allocated for use by the Member. THBC retains the right to not accept any excessively large, unreasonable or unlawful packages. All services are to be paid 07 days after date of invoice. During the term of membership, should the level of service not meet the Member’s expectations, please contact our Head Office at customerservice@treehouse.pk and we will respond within three working days.

INCLUSIONS: The Virtual Office has three days per calendar month (non accumulative) complimentary access to an office/business lounge in cities where Members are not a THBC or THBC Virtual Office client. Subject to availability and consecutive days are generally not available. The Virtual Office Premier members are entitled to five days per calendar month (non accumulative) complimentary access to an office/business lounge anywhere in the THBC network, including your city’s membership. Office access is booked online or by call (referred to as ‘Day office’, ‘Smart Desk’‘Workstation’ or ‘Standard Office’) and cannot exceed more than four complimentary days in one location. Offices booked in advance which are not utilized will be charged full price for the duration of the booking. Cancellation of complimentary day offices within 24 hours incurs a 100% hire charge and cancellation within 48 hours incurs a 50% hire charge. Multiple package holders will be capped at 4 days complimentary office use. When the day office is not available for the time that you require, simply contact your THBC team to confirm if an additional day office can be made available. Where availability is possible at the location you require, the team will setup an office as per your request. This office will be equipped with FREE broadband internet and PABX phone connections (call charges do apply for usage). Dedicated teams on hand to provide you support. A setup fee will apply for this additional office per day.

BUSINESS LOUNGE: Access to the Business Lounge is available during standard business hours 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The Virtual Office members receive 5 hours complimentary access per day, The Virtual Office members receive 3 hours complimentary access per day and Address & Meetings members receive 1 hour complimentary access per day (non accumulative and subject to availability). Members can utilize complimentary business lounges at any THBC location worldwide. Subsequent hours are available on a pay as you use basis.

INCREASES: THBC reserves the right to increase the monthly rental fee per package by a minimum of 5% of the then current rate, 6 months after the Commencement Date (Mid-year Date). Further, THBC reserves the right to increase the monthly rental fee per package by a minimum of 5% of the then current rate, on each anniversary of the Commencement Date. All rate increases are to be paid in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The Member agrees that THBC reserves the right to change, or vary the charges for any services during the term of this agreement, upon giving one month’s notice in writing of such change, and such new charges shall apply from the date of expiration of the notice.

CALL TRANSFER OPTIONS: THBC will be in contact with Virtual Office Lite,Virtual Office Premier and Telecon Members to confirm up to one telephone number where your calls can be transferred. This number may include mobile phone, home or office numbers. Fourth and each additional number incur an additional charge. Call charges will apply to all transferred calls. Mobile calls incur a higher rate. Check the setup of your telephone number and transfer options and notify your Virtual Office Manager of any changes. In the case of Unified Messaging email message delivery, the Member is responsible for browser and ISP security settings which enable or prevent delivery of voicemail packets. Changes to the communications services must be notified in writing.

INDEMNITY CLAUSE: The Landlord shall be expressly indemnified by the Member against any loss, damage which is caused by corruption of data or any loss of information from hardware, software, mechanical, Internet damage or any errors by THBC Team Members. The member guarantees that it will not use the Virtual Office for any immoral or illegal purposes.

INVOICE: Detailed invoices are only available by request or email to you at the end of each calendar month. Dishonoredcheques will incur a PKR 300 service fee. Should payment not be receipted by the 05th of any month, for any reason, THBC at their absolute discretion; may request a security deposit if late payment occurs and/or suspend or terminate all services. Any monies owing to THBC for more than 20 days shall bear a fixed penalty charge equivalent to 10% and an administration fee at a rate of 5% on the overdue balance per month until payment. All bank fees will be paid by the member. All payment queries after the 07th of the month may bear an administration fee.

STAFF: If the Member, or any business of which the ownership or control is directly or indirectly associated with the Member at any time during the term of Membership or within 12 months after termination of the membership employs any of the staff employed or who were employed by THBC or any business affiliated with THBC during the term of the membership then the Member shall pay to THBC by way of liquidated and ascertained damages an amount equal to 30% of the new annual wage or package of the employee which the parties agree is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss suffered by THBC. The applicability of liquidated and ascertained damages applies to all staff whether permanent, part-time or otherwise.

CALL VOLUME: Virtual Office Lite, Virtual Office Premier and Telecon Members can receive 20 incoming calls per day included in the service. Charges do apply for higher incoming call volume.

GUARANTOR: In consideration of THBC entering into this Agreement with the Member, the Guarantor, for themselves and each of their executors and administrators unconditionally agree that they and each of them will be with the Member jointly and severally liable to THBC for the payment of the rent and all other monies payable by the Member and also for the due performance of all the terms and conditions on the part of the Member contained or implied in this document.

DRESS CODE: When utilizing THBC locations businesslike dress standard applies at all times.

MEMBERSHIP: Virtual Office Premier member location will be assigned in the city of the residing member, where a location in the member’s local city is required. Any additional companies for which you use services of any kind for must be advised in advance. An additional charge per week and per company name will apply if it is not in the name as stated on your THBC Agreement. Your membership will automatically be upgraded for you should utilize a service not included in your package.

REFERRAL REWARDS: For every successful referral for a THBC Virtual Office or Serviced Office the Member has a choice of rewards offered on THBCwebsite.

TAXES: All prices quoted are exclusive to any government taxes where applicable and allowable by law.

PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: It is a requirement of all Virtual Office packages to provide photo identification and to provide acceptable personal identification documentation (“the Documentation”) along with Incorporation, NTN certificates. If THBC does not receive the Documentation from the member they have the right in their absolute discretion to terminate the membership.

What services does THBC provide?
THBC provides Serviced Offices, Shared Offices, Part-Time Offices, Virtual Offices, Smart Desks, Workstations, Meeting Rooms and Business Lounge facilities.

-Experienced and highly trained staff at your service -Modern interior decorated offices -State of the art communication facility -A prestigious business address for your business

Can THBC provide a receptionist to answer my calls in my company name?
Of course, if you are an Executive Office customer you will have the access to receptionist facility free of charge, other charges may apply according to your requirements.

Other offices are charged for receptionist service as per requirements.

I would like to expand into new cities. How can THBC help?
We are currently expanding in other cities and location as we open new location we will notify through our advertisements and website.

What is THBC Business Concierge program?
THBC Concierge program is for our valued customers who want privileged services.

-We make reservation and booking for you -Discount on top of the line hotels and restaurants for you to enjoy (coming soon) -Local market knowledge and assistance in business matters

Who do I contact if I want more information?
Please call us or inquire online on our website, and our service manager will contact you in 24 hours.

I am interested in joining THBC, how should I apply?
We are an equal opportunity employer looking for the best talent in service industry. If you wish to apply please drop in your CV on jobs@treehouse.pk

What business packages do THBC offers?
We have carefully tailored our Business packages

Ruby Package Emerald Package Sapphire Package Diamond Package

I am interested in joining THBC, how should I apply?
We are an equal opportunity employer looking for the best talent in service industry. If you wish to apply please drop in your CV on jobs@treehouse.pk

What is a Business Lounge?
THBC business lounge offers a business environment which cafes and hotels fail to provide. Our beautifully designed business lounges offer you the right environment to have business meetings, additionally an option to hire meetings rooms and day office if you your business need focused attention.

Do I have to pay to access a Business Lounge? And how much is it for?
Business lounges can be accessed through Business Concierge memberships, or by hiring our various offices and smart desks. Please check Business Concierge program for packages and rates.